Before christmas 07 visited websites ok joined some with username & password ok.
Bought second pc & buffalo router WBMR-G54.
Second pc with wireless internet worked ok .
Original pc won't connect to internet.
Went back to shop for help who got me internet access but some sites wouldn't open,
said may have to reformatt to solve problem.
I have now reformatted & reinstalled xp, but still have same problem.
I can visit websites ok but those i joined pre christmas with username &password internet explorer won't open.

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Make sure that your parental controls with your ISP are set to let you view all web pages.

Allow the sites that you're trying to access to go through your firewall.

Do not block any sites with your anti-virus (some anti-virus programs do block webpages that are known to potentially contain viruses... like download.com Kazaa.com, LimeWire, etc.)

Deactivate any and all pop-up blockers. I had that problem once where a site wouldn't load because of my pop-up blocker.

Try loading the webpage again.

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