I'm not sure if my laptop has WiFi built in. How can I tell?

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What kind of labtop is it?

Compaq presario 900us

What kind of labtop is it?

nope i don't have it .. next question is how can I get it? thx

www.compaq.com or www.hp.com look up your labtop and see if it has built in WiFi


I don't know if you are running Windoze or Linux, but you should be able to go to the Device Manager (windows) or ifconfig (Linux) and see if there is a network device installed.

You can get WiFi with PCMCIA cards. There are two options: 802.11(b) {more common, slower, widely avail) or 802.11(g) {faster, not as common}. I have a (g) card that will go down to (b) when necessary. You might also be limited on speed in consideration of what transmitter you have in your house. Again, I got a dual speed unit to support more options.



Ita a windows vista basic

My windows xp professional crashed I had to reload windows xp home addition service pack 1 back onto it how do I find the wifi that I had before it crashed.

check the model no and serial number on the manufacturers website the mod no will give you list but the system number will give you all the details about your laptop and the parts inside it

My laptop is a Compaq model 2140us using windows xp sp 2, how can iterll if it has wi-fi or is wi-fi capable and where can i download the programs

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