pm me why i should give you the port, and a login and pass... and maybe you'll get it!

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I think I deserve your FTP because my momma always said I was special and always told me I can get what I want so if you can just go ahead and PM your FTP info that would be greattttt thankkkkkkkkssssssssssss.

You already have a personal account in it! You've had it for 3 weeks!

I know if you would read my message more thorough you will see how I was kidding lol.


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I am a free for all kinda guy. It's done for fun. I serve in a certain channel u know of, and am willing to share. I think if u gave me the info, it could only benefit our people.

Sign up first.. then i just might!

I need help how do i take downloaded files from ftps and put them on grokster?

To download files from an ftp site, you need an ftp client such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP, or SmartFTP (my favorite).

If you go to download.com, there will be a listing of at least 30 to choose from ;)

Once your there, specify the IP or name of the PC you wish to connect to. Also, specify the port (usually port 21). If anonymous users are allowed, you can enter "anonymous" as the user, with your email as the password. If anonymous connections are not allowed for the particular ftp server you're trying to connect to, you will have to already have a username on the server.

Once in there, you should be able to drag and drop files to/from your PC.

Also... if you have Internet Explorer, the cheesy/quick way to visit an ftp site is to browse to ftp://username:password@serverIP:serverPort

Sorry, I don't know what grokster is
is it a file sharing program such as the gnutella network ?? (the old napster, kazaa, morpheus, etc?)

Here is a link to a document I wrote it a long time ago because so many people asked me the same question over and over again. It shows you how to set up an FTP Server and how to access them. Don't mind the language. :)


didnt read the whole thing but i thing u did a really nice job on it - even if u did write it, as u implied, as if u were pulling out ur own tooth! ;D 8)

HAHA... yeah. I remember I made that document a long time ago for a friend who wrote me a tutorial for Photoshop with that same "wiseass" remarks throughout the document. It was damn funny. ;)

DOS FTP comes with Windows.
Start -> Run -> ftp


Its me kidd0...

d0gg.....1 month ago, I got some new hard drives..
I have over 700GB on my network now..

200GB on this system...all deticated for my fTp...

A console based FTP client comes with Windows but is primitive and not as reliable as something like CuteFTP or WS_FTPx. I guess if you're running a very primitive system (or if your whole system is just console) you can use it, other than that, I wonder why you would. You can also connect through some browsers like IE but I don't recommend that either. :shock:

SmartFTP for Windows, Fetch for Mac
I looooooove SmartFTP !!

Never used SmartFTP. I'm getting tired of WS_FTPx, maybe I should. :?

btw ... kiddo ... 700gb, niiiiice ...

my network ...

main XP machine = two 120 gigs = 240 gigs
main Linux box = two 60 gigs = 120 gigs
iMac = 80 gigs
laptop = 12 gigs

452 gigs :)

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