I recently set up a wireless print network for our laptops and a desktop. Since then only my laptop has been doing the following.....
when I go to the web for hotmail or to do a search everything is ok and very fast immediately after I start the computer; however if I start doing other things or leave the computer for awhile - long enough for it to sleep or hibernate - neither search engine (Mozilla or explorer) seems to recognize the network. Restarting the computer solves the problem until the pause described above.......
Any suggestions as to what is wrong or how this can be corrected?

have you tried altering the settings on your laptop for wireless networks??

the problem might be that the hibernate is switching of the wireless connection . . . . if you have a wireless button itd probably be solved by flicking it off and on again

I have not done any of your suugestions , however the second might be correct. When this lockup happes I can be in the middle of a session working. I can have Mozilla and Intenet Explorer open and they both stop communicating with the web at the same time. The frustrating part is sometimes I can go for hours with no problem and other times it is minutes. Thanks for the suggestions.