I am trying to share a drive on my home network. When I try to change the setting to share I get an error message..

"An error occoured while trying to share... . The serever service is not started."

I have never seen this message before. Please help :!:

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In order to serve anything to anybody, the server service must be running. It is set to run by default on all MS operating systems. If it's not running, then you must determine why it's not. Give us some more information. What operating system are you using? What have you installed or done lately that might have affected it? Have you scanned for viruses and such? If you're running Windows2000 or XP or NT, you can go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and open Services. Scroll down to the Server service entry and click properties. In startup it should be set for automatic. If it's not, change it. Try clicking the start button to start the service manually and see if it starts or you get an error.


If the service starts up and then dies out, you might be able to look in the Event Viewer, and see if there are log entries associated with your problem. That may hint if something is out of whack or not.



My server service is now started. I turned it on through the administrative tools in the control panel. Again thank-you very much.

many thanks ......not my post but it helped me out ......thanks angain ...keep up the good work guys

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