i tried to connect my old comp, running win98se and my new one, running xp with the crossover cable, but it didn,t went well..
the xp computer is the one with modem and internet connection.
on win98se machine i can't see the other computer, or browse it, but win98se can go to the internet via the xp machine.
on the xp machine i can see the other one, but i can't browse it..
can someone help me, please!?

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on the ye ol' 98SE comp, have you set the sharing of printer & files on? You can find it in the network settings. Below the TCP/IP and adapter scroll menu. You should find a couple of sharing options. On default they are off. I think this will do the trick.

I do this all the time, it's easier to network XP to win9x than 2k to win9x. but still, it's easy. I have 2 pc's at home connected via crossover and have internet connection sharing. are the sharing on? sharing should be enabled on both computers so that you can browse each other... what other settings did you set?

..eh, well..
this is what happened when i tried to enable printer and folders sharing on win98se machine:
i checked both boxes to enable sharing, clicked "apply" and "ok", and i got a message to insert win98se installation disk. I did that, and got an answer that file "protman.dos" cannot be found. another time it tryes to copy ftom the source file on the installation cd: "ndishlp.sys" to destination file in windows "ndishlp.sys=NET9.CAB" and prompted me that it was unable to copy that file....????
so, obviously, i can not enable sharing on the win 98 se comp, but i'm not sure why? is there something wrong with my installation cd , or what?

umm.. this is going to be very techie so. Grab a coffee and read very carefully:

On your win98 comp

Click on [Start] menu

Click on [Run]


A window will pop-up and will show your boot-up files

Go to the file [system.ini]

click on the roll-down menu [edit]

click on [search]

type in the search window:

or something more like it

If it is in there, what does it say?

If it asks you for that file, it should be on your Windows 98 CD.

for instance, if you CDROM drive is D:, then the file should be located in D:\win98 . If you enter that in or browse to that location when asked for the file, it should be able to find it.

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