I have been given a laptop computer running Windows 98 and fitted with a modem. It doesnt have a network card. My main computer is a celeron 2.6 GHz with 266 Mg of ram and has a modem plus a networkl card running windows XP with the latest update installed. I want to be able to transfer files from from the laptop to my main unit and vice versa and possibly the internet however this is not important as either can access internet. Reading Windows XP help indicates that it is possible to network computers via the modems but I found the actual explantion as well as the actual physical process very difficult to understand. Can anyone give me or direct me to a step by step easy to understand giuide how to do this. Thank you for any help U can give


You might be better served by picking up a PCMCIA Network card for that laptop, if at all possible.

Why? Several reasons: Firstly, a modem will be SLOW-- you'll be sitting for hours if you've even got more than 20 MB of data to transfer. Secondly, you need both machines connected to seperate lines on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network. This could be either another phone number in your own house, or a neighbor's, etc.

It's really a pain in the arse to try and do this. For the time you spend setting all of this up, you could just get a NIC (Network Interface Card) for your laptop, and then get them talking to each other, transferring files far more quickly.