I am having trouble accessing some major websites some as iht.com, fedex.com, support.microsoft.com, chase.com. My bigger problem is that my emails won't download from ONE server anymore into Thunderbird (however my gmail account works). I can send emails but can't receive anymore...so I have to go to the website and check emails from there. Also, I use Quickbooks and it won't let me create shipping labels anymore (with UPS and FedEx).

This happened very suddenly (on Monday), and I did not change any settings. I have 3 laptops (running XP and Vista) that are ALL suffering from exactly the same problem. I've tried using 4 web browsers and nothing works. I'm using a Netgear wireless router DG834G. I just tried connecting directly to the router but no luck. Is this a router issue?

Please, does anyone have any ideas, suggestions or tips? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thank you,


Problems regarding to the sites you mentioned above that will be resolved by your isp and coming to your email, this is not the isp problem. Did you tried checking your mails from any browse center.(other than your isp connection).If the problem still persist then you need to change the setting in the email account as default. If this wont help then keep a forwading mail to you another mail account let us check which would help you in this issue. Hope it will help you in some extent.