I am trying to relocate my ip address to appear i am in some other country e.g the us.anyone got a us ip and port?

Hi there,
I think you need to be more specific. are you inside a LAN, a WAN...? Explain what's happening, and the environment...

Bro.You need this Program its an Ip Changer and the best feature is that u dont need reboot.

IP Changer 2.0

IP Changer 2.0 doesn’t requires system rebooting when you change desktop or notebook’s TCP/IP even though your system’s OS is windows 9X or ME. It can change
your desktop’s network setting only by one-click and also supports static IP and DHC


Or u can do it without a program but u dont know the geographis place od the Ip ur Using

Heres a tip how u can change ur Ip
Open a new window in Notepad and write down this:

echo ipconfig/flushdns
echo ip config/release
echo ipconfig/renew

and save it like a bat. file



And open it.Its done.See ya