No probs my friend......please let me know how things develop for you.

Try to disable and renable the LAN connection.

I would recommend you to use a switch instead of a hub and connect your both PCs with the switch and the switch should be connected to the ISP Modem or ADSL Router.
Try to use a new ethernet cable and connect that perticular computer with the hub .

Even after that if you still get the messege of "limited or low connectivity" than replace the ethernet cable connecting that computer with the switch and see the results.

Donot forget to disable your windows firewall

Guess what........IT'S FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O
Brother, I went into Local Area Connections Properties 4, in the center of the "box" there was 5 things checked, on my home computer there were only 4. I singled out the one that was different, and no I didn't write down what it was, I clicked uninstall and BAM, there was internet !!!! We can surf now :cool:
The ones that are there and still checked are #1 Client for Microsoft Networks, #2 File and printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, #3 QoSPacket Schedular and #4 Internet Protocol(TCP/IP).
The one I uninstalled seems to have said something about TCP Microsoft and had the number 6 in it.
My Brothers in arm, I thank you with all that I am !!!!!!!!

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