Ok i have 2 machines

These both have NICS and 3x 2 gig hdd each - these have 64mb or ram each too and are a mmx and a p2

Basically i want to be able to go into windows and see one samba share which spans all these drives and machines - so i would have a total share of 12gig in size

Is this possible?
Network RAID 0?

I need help an a reccomendation of a free app/os which can do this - i dont wanna fork out for windows stoorage server 2k3 again

This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but here goes...

Setup a Samba share on the first machine. Make sure it's working properly, and then go to the second machine. On the second machine, setup the Samba share, but create an empty directory in the bottom-level folder that you're sharing. Using smbmount, mount the first machine's share in the empty directory you just created (that's also being shared now).

Then mount the second machine's share on your main computer, or whatever machine you wanted to use, and hopefully you'll be able to access both machines.

Like I said, not exactly what you wanted, because the first machine's shares are in a subdirectory, but hopefully it's good enough.