Its my first time on this site so please go easy on me if I dont do something right.Ok, lets get started on my problem. I want to change my NAT type 3 to NAT type 2 on my ps3. Ihave visited many tutorial sites and have even seen videos on yahoo on how to change NAT 3 to NAT 2. I have a speedstream 4200 modem and a belkin router (F5D7230-4, single antenna)connected.I can access the internet from my ps3 so I believe I'm ok with that.On the sites I visited, they all say to open specific ports for the ps3.I have opened them ports on the router and I have even opened the ports on the modem.I have enabled UPnP, I have even tackled the DMZ, I cant seem to get it to NAT 2.I spent all weekend trying to get it but no good.Now before I start smashing everything in my house, can someone please help so I dont end up slashing my wrists out of frustration? Please H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guys, guess what, I threw away my modem together with the shitty belkin router and bought myself a Linksys WAG200G.Hooked up my internet, configured my PS3 to the new router and without opening any ports on the linksys, connection test showed NAT type 2. What the HELL!!!! Can anyone explain, not that it bothers me, I am rapped...................................

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