Hi, i have been using my desktop for over 2 years, and it hasnt given me this kind of problem before.

My internet connection just stops working (even though the icon in the taskbar is there, showing that it is connected) and everytime i have to right-click and click repair. This would temporarily fix the problem, and the internet will work for about 2-3 minutes and then stop again. I have to redo the whole process again, and the exact same thing happens.

It maybe helpful to know that when the internet doesnt work, i cannot access my router or any other computer on my LAN, meaning that it is not a router problem. I have other computers on my LAN, and they dont act the same way (using the same OS and everything). I am guessing its something to do with my Ethernet card, but i have the latest drivers.

Any help?

I am using:

Windows XP SP2
CPU: 3.4 GHz, Dual Core
Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection

Router: Netgear WGR614v7

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I was gonna say maybe your MODEM is losing sync with the network (As mine does constanlty) but it seems like thats not your issue...

When the net stops,can you still hit the lan?? ( for me for example to my modem) Sometimes when mine locks up i can hit the modem and other times i cant.....

The network im on is garbage and thats why the modem keeps losing SYNC with the network all the time...

Good luck :)

nope, cant hit the lan (router, other comps) etc.

my laptop doesnt have this problem though, even though it has the same OS and all.

Check if your cables aren't damaged (if you are using LAN and not WAN). Also make sure you haven't got a trogen which is trying to access the internet as a trogen may try to crash websites which clogs the internet connection. If you are using WAN (Wireless Area Network) then it can be a lack of reception. That is a common problem with desktops as the signals cannot go through the metal case and cords can also interfere with the wireless reception.
If it is connected by cable, then check in the router if there is an option to authorise the computer to access the network.

Try setting your ethernet ip to auto assign insted of using a static one.

im using cable, and i tried using the same cable for my laptop and it works perfectly...so the cable is fine.

i scanned my computer twice with Trend Micro Internet Security and Sybot S&D and results showed that i didnt have any infections.

hmm i will try urs (even though mine is set to auto assign, i have this thing - Static Route. Im using this and ill see if it works after disabling)

P.S thx for the replies

nope. tried taking off the static route. still doesnt work. i noticed something:

everytime i repair, and the little window says "Clearing DNS something something" my internet works.

OK your DNS is becoming corrupted....

Every time you FLUSH the DNS it works right?

yep exactly. is there a way to fix this?

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