Hi, i bought a wireless G access point, the model number is WAP54g and i bought the linksys wireles G notebook adapter too, the model number for that is WPC54g

Now basically, when i first installed the adapter and access point, the wireless was working perfectly, this was about a week or 2 ago

and then all of a sudden it started messing up, and now it doesnt even connect at all

maybe there is something wrong with the settings, i will look into it,

It keeps saying limited connectivity or no connection.
what is the problem here?

and also does anyone know if linksys accespoint of the adapter have any bugs and errors on them?

thanks in advance

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You either have a hardware failure or a software failure.

Look at the configuration screens on the access point, and see if the network is still defined based on how you set it up. See if someone hacked you by tapping into your network. See if the WEP security has changed.

Look at your adapter. Do you see any blinking lights like you used to?

I am assuming you are using Windoze. Is the device active and proper in the device manager? Are the protocols properly setup?

I personally do not like the Linksys equipment. They are RF noisy (meaning they transmit signals that should not) that interfere with my radio stuff. I have Buffalo Technologies access points, and a variety of adapter cards for my Mac and Linux laptops.


thanks for your reply

i am no computer techy and didnt really understand what u said
The driver is properly active, and it says that the adapater device is properly running

i might just try to uninstall everything related to the linksys and re install

i wil never be buying linksys again

im confused

if anyone has msn? and can help me on there step by step?

did you recently get a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone?

did you recently get a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone?

I have similar problems with linksys... everytime i give presentions outside on Wifi and return to the office the adapter cannot be found or the wireless software vanishes off the face of my laptop. I have XP, use the linksys wirelsess G Router, Wireless G Notebook Adapter 2.4 ghz as well as the VoIP (vonage with three phones hooked up) Yesterday everything worked fine. today when I booted up the adapter cannot be located by Windows, it doesnt light up and again all the software is GONE!!!! :evil: Why is this happening? Is it windows? Dell Wireless Utility fighting with windows fighting with Linksys? I love it when it works but now after spending hours with Linksys, the love is fading! HELP!!! :sad:

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