I have one domain controller sever installed with window server 2003 enterpriese manager sp 2. that is my dns, dhcp server. i have installed active directory too. i have another sever with same setting in other location. i have leased line connecting both location too. beside using remote desktop how can i connect to remote domain. i want to manage user account and policy setting for that remote domain from my location.

assuming you are a domain admin for the domain(s) in question, you can use your administrative tools.

open a tool.
at the top of the tree, r click and "connect to domain controller..." or "connect to another..." or "managed authorized..." depending on the service or items you want to manage.

you can download this software real vnc server and install it on both machines.
this can help you log on remotely.
we are currently using it in my office and it's very effective.
it works just like remote desktop.
try it.

...or you can use pcanywhere.

thank u for suggestion i will try