I am running some cat5e cable to another room to run another computer and to run into my stereo also.
I will run two cables to a wall connector from my router. I have set the wall connector up with the T568A arrangement. Is that ok?
My question is how should I set up the cords running from the router? What arrangement and how should I set up the male end of the main cords running to the other room? Does this make sense? Thanks.

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Since you wired the RJ45 wall box ( connector ) in the T568A configuration you need to uses the same configuration for the RJ45 male end connector.

This means you need to wire the male plug with the following colour code.

pin 1 - Green / white
pin 2 - Green
pin 3 - Orange / white
pin 4 - Blue
pin 5 - Blue / white
pin 6 - Orange
pin 7 - Brown / white
pin 8 - brown

Just be sure before crimping the connector that your wire go all the way to the front of the connector or it may not work.


Thanks. I thought that this is what it was but needed some reinforcement since I don't do this all the time.

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