I'm looking to purchase an 802.11G wireless router to share an NTL cable/dsl connection (in the UK).
Does anyone have any recommendations, preferably emphasizing the value for money aspect (it's for a student friend)?
NTL guy said it had to be a cable router, rather than a dsl one, so I don't know whether the broadband ones I've been looking at would work.

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Some of the broadband routers have the modem built-in. If your friend already has a modem that has a network jack on it, all he needs is a standard broadband router.

My experience with wireless routers is limited, so I don't know of a specific router to recommend. I don't recommend that you get a D-Link router however. I have worked with a few different wireless D-Link routers, and they have all been terrible (their firmware always seems to have major problems). I had really good experiences with wired Linksys routers, but that doesn't say anything about their wireless products.

Hi Chris
Actually the friend is a 'she' lol.
Thanks anyway for your suggestions - NTL fitted some stray modem with ethernet and usb, so it looks like a standard 'broadband' router will do the job.
I have actually used a Dlink wireless kit including modem for a neighbour - the control panel and instructions are hardly impressive - the quick guide doesn't say to restart the router after setup, so I wasted a while there.

I've never tried updating firmware on a Dlink, but I did stumble across a forum where people were reccomending australian and russian updates, so it must be a fairly big problem!

Linksys here we come!


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