We bought my son a new Sony laptop. We then got him a wireless card from Verizon. When he is at a friends house that has wireless he can access the web with no problem. But when he is at home using the verizon card he cannot. The card says he has internet connection but he cannot open web pages. When he tries to open messenger it say "invalid IP address". But when looking at the properties it list an IP address and it is not a 169. address. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do next short of giving up and returning the card. We took it to Best Buy and all they did was check to see if it was connected and that the computer was working and guess what... it was connected and the computer is working properly. I don't know what else to do, is there something in the settings that needs to change. HELP! OH if it helps it is running Vista.

I guess no one has an answer for me. I think we are going to try and return the card and get out of the contract if we can. Looks like it is just no going to work in the place where he is going to school. He will have to use the schools.

Sir you don't have to return the wireless network card because it is not faulty.

If it would have been faulty then it would not have worked properly at friends house.

First tell us which OS are you using and how are you connecting to internet?

Do you have a wireless router at your home provided by your ISP Service?

Please follow the steps for WinXP that I am mentioning and hopefully these steps will help you resolve the problem.

1) Right Click on Wireless Network Connection icon----->Status-----Support tab(please note if you have WinVista than click on details button in Status)

In Support tab check the Address type and IP address. If it says invalid IP address then click on the general tab and click on repair button. (Please note that in WinVista
you will see a diagnose button)

If it doesnot do the job then disable and enable the wireless connection.

than check if you are geting a valid IP address.

If you are not then contact the ISP Service
and ask them about it.

If he can get online elsewhere then there's no problem with the card.

There might be a problem with the signal from where you're at. He might be getting a better signal at his friend's house.

You dont want to waste your time taking the card back and maybe trying to get a new one in replacement if the problem is not with the card.

I'm assuming that this is a verizon wireless card that's stand-alone and can connect from anywhere like a cellphone to a cell site. If this is the case, try comparing the IP address and DNS addresses that you get when he's at his friend's house. Use the IP address and DNS settings from there and set it static on the PC TEMPORARILY when you try to access from home. I'm quite sure you'll get online. If you do, then this is a service provider problem. Let them know that you might be getting an invalid IP from where you located.

If the case is that you have a wireless connection through a DSL line at home, then the problem could be with the router that your using. If any other computer can get online in your house using your wireless router, then chances are, it's working properly. If no one else can, then it's the router you need to have your ISP / provider set-up again.

You mentioned that you're getting an invalid IP address. When at home you can also try releasing and renewing this IP. this is different from simply disabling and enabling the card.

Hey guys,

Not to get in the middle here but shaylyn states that he can get onto the internet at a friend's house THAT HAS WIRELESS. It's probably connecting there with the built in wifi card and not the Verizon card. So it's possible the V card is faulty. Maybe they should take the computer down to the Verizon store and have them get it working.

Just a thought,