This morning, my grandfather informed me that his desktop computer was unable to connect to the internet. This desktop is connected via Ethernet cable directly to the router, which connects to the modem, and ultimately to a cable hi-speed connection.

The wireless router to which his desktop is Ethernet cabled into is operating correctly for all of the computers in the household operating using the wireless function. However, his wired connection provides the error, 'A network cable is unplugged'.

Possibly related, for the first time this morning, he received an error message, indicating that a file (0nhhlw2h6pt6.exe) was had encountered an error, and needed to close. I investigated this file, and found that it was created yesterday, around the last time he had been online. He frequents around various news websites, including, and the mainstream ABC/NBC/FOX. To my experience, these guys are 'clean' however I can't comment on the possibility that one of the linked sites from Drudge may have mucked things up. I have disabled and quarantined the file, and another related file, on the suspicion that it may be causing the problem.

I've replaced the Ethernet cable connecting the computer to the router, thinking that it may just be as simple as a bad cable. Unsuccessful. I've also attempted to connect the Ethernet cable to the other three available ports on the router. No such luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

does it connect when plugged directly to the modem?

have you tried replacing the NIC?

I have not attempted to replace the NIC yet, and was keeping it as something of a last resort. To update things, I've done a bit of troubleshooting to see if I can gain a clearer understanding of what the problem is. I connected the ethernet cable that normally connects to his tower into his laptop. After disabling the wireless network card in the laptop, and enabling a wired network, we were able to access the Internet. This confirms that the modem, router, and all of the cables in the circuit are in functioning order. However, replacing the same cable in the desktop's tower still does not allow it to connect. I also attempted to uninstall and reinstall the NIC card, as well as create a new wired connection, to see if something had gone wrong in that department. No luck. After attempting to repair the connection, the wizard almost immediately results in an error message, indicating, "Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed." I'm not sure which direction to take this information in.

Having spoken with him about the computer, it seems that the entire machine is around a year old, if that. Has there been a documented instance in which a virus/trojan focuses specifically on destroying the ability of a NIC to function? I'm curious as to what he's got here! Thanks to everyone reading! Any feedback is much appreciated!

if the pc is new, there is a chance it is still under warranty. while it is you should hurry to replace hardware.

Are other computers/laptops able to connect through the ethernet cable to the router? This could be a bad connector issue, or for some reason the signal is not coming through.

Are other computers/laptops able to connect through the ethernet cable to the router? This could be a bad connector issue, or for some reason the signal is not coming through.

I've taken the ethernet cable from the back of the desktop tower, and plugged it into a laptop, and disabled the wireless card in the laptop. I set up a wired connection, and was able to surf the web, etc. I've confirmed that the problem lies somewhere within the desktop's tower, and am assuming that the previous poster was correct, regarding the NIC card. I don't know of any other way to test it! Thanks for the info :)