I've set up a wireless network in the house using linksys WRTP54G voip/router. i didn't have a problem getting the computer to recognize the router or connect to the network.

however, i'd like to secure the network with a password and change the name from linksys. i thought it would be easy, but i can't seem to do it.

if i open up the network pane of system pref it appears that i can tell it to connect to a specific network rather than automatically connecting to the first one it finds. soi i pick "linksys" and change its name and tell it to require a password. but then when i start up airport it just says it can't find any of your trusted networks - would you like to connect to linksys - and it does without requiring a password. do i have to be physically connected to the router to edit these things?


It is easy! We'll get you set up no problem. You won't have to change any settings on your Mac for this one.

The problem is in your router, and you can access that without being wired.

Open Safari, or your favorite web browser, and type in the address bar

This will pull up a login box. Your login name is admin, and the password is either admin or there isn't one. When the password is accepted you'll be logged into the Router Management page.

Click on the word wireless and you'll see your Wireless Network Name (linksys) you can pick whatever name you want. Save Settings at bottom.

The sub-section Wireless Security provides you a place to enable encryption, such as WEP, which when enabled will require a pass-key to be entered before joining the wireless network.

Under Administration you can change the password to access the Router Management page from admin to something more secure. Don't lose it. Save Settings.

There are many things you can do to make your wireless network more secure, such as disabling the SSID Broadcast under Wireless, MAC filtering, different kinds of encryption, etc.