hi, everybody, I am newbie here, can somebody tell me why my computer cannot detect connection and surf the internet eventough computer show that local area connection is connected. one method that can let surf the internet is use my home phone to call somebody else or hold the phone and leave it there, or else, I cant surf internet, can any IT professional assist me to solve this problem, kindness will be appreciated. thank you

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I am not quite sure, do you DSL? If so are all of your filters in place. All phones, faxes, anwsering machines, satilitte dishes, but no filter on the line going to the DSL modem. I have seen some strange things happen without those filters being set right.


This is probably a modem issue and/or filters.

From the wall phone line port, connect a wire directly to the modem. Make sure no or other device is in between the modem and the wall phone port. goose can be right, there might be a phone filter in between, or maybe your using a splitter integrated on another device like a fax machine or another phone.

if you can't get online, call 1-877-787-8749 and they'll diagnose and try to solve your problem 1-time for free.


thanks for post a useful thread to me. Now I know what should I gonna do now. Thank you!

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