Hi happy people, Is there a way/ or is it possible to copy a folder stored on a USB from a remote computer on a network (LAN)?

Any help will be highly appreciated

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Easiest way is to email it unless it's on the same physical LAN - then you can just open up the computer in Windows Explorer (My Network Places) and drag the folder across.


Before you can drag it from network places you need to share it.

A flash drive can be a shared resource just like a hard drive or folder. The steps would be different depending on the operating system you're sharing from. But you need to connect and mount the USB drive (most operating systems mount automatically when connected) then share it (or it's sub folders)

Here's the instructions to configure network file shares for windows:
and Mac:


Start > Run > \\computername\d$ (or e$, f$, etc.) [Enter]
This will pop up a new window displaying the contents of the USB stick (if you have the proper rights to access the machine/share/drive.

Then, just select all + copy + paste.


This is an old thread, better to leave them alone unless there's an unanswered question that's still relevant.

That procedure IS correct, but it doesn't work unless the resource has already been shared, and obviously it wasn't if they were asking how to share it.

You're also assuming windows, it's not an unfair assumption but it could be Mac, or perhaps even posix.


Only a few months old, and if someone else has the same exact question, they'll find the answer if they do a search, so it doesn't hurt to answer it.

And the c$\d$\e$ is an admin share, not a standard shared directory, so if they have admin rights on the box/network, they should be able to hit it.

...yes, on a Winblow$ box. I'm making that assumption based on the fact they referred to a "folder" and not a "directory."

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