I thought I had read info on this somewhere but can not get the right 'google' to find what I need. I have a TiBook with ethernet and wireless card. I have configured my network settings to make both active and have different IPs on each (on our LAN. 192.168.1.x).

Is there any option to specify that applications using network communications to use one or the other ports (en0-enet or en2-wifi)? Not a big deal but I thought I might be able to stream a connection for music on my wifi and let other network use (file sharing, web, etc.) my ethernet.

I can set priority in OS X network configuration by placing one interface above another in the settings window. May only be possible from terminal. This is not anything critical but more curious if it can be done and how to do it.



You should not put two network interfaces from a PC on the same network. From your description, it sounds like you have both of them somehow connecting to the same router. Even if they have different IP addresses it causes a routing loop between the two as well as "duplicate name on the network" errors. Best is to disable the wifi while you're cabled in. If they somehow ARE on different networks, then the only way I know of to determine which path is chosen is if the route to the resource you're trying to get to is only available from one card. In that case if certain resources are available from one interface and the others are available from the other you would have what you want. Frequently done in business networks where you can control what networks servers and clients are on.

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