I'm trying to finish a networking project with a simple Peer to Peer in XP Pro (on each computer). I can share to C drive but cannot excess anything in the Program folder. I tried to go back and share the program folder but everything is greyed out and not selectable. I can share folders inside the Program folder but it still won't allow access because I don't have permission to get beyond the Program folder itself. We trying to share a data folder for a program the resides in the Program folder. This is a wireless configuration, although I don't think it has anything to do with that because we can access the network. Any help or suggestions?!?


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Do you have advanced folder sharing active?

If not try going to start>my computer>tools>folder options>view tab>advanced settings list>and uncheck "use simple file sharing"> Click OK.

Why are you wanting to share your Program Files folder, anyways?

If you're trying to make multiple computers share a single program, that may be tough. Certain applications may not function correctly if certain registry keys are not found on the system that's trying to access the program.


In order to share things, you need 4 items properly configured: Physical Network, Services, Sharing Permissions, and File Permissions.

It sounds like you have the first 2 properly configured... you can connect and see some things, but cannot get to a particular folder.

Check 2 things:

* Check to make sure that your sharing permissions allow you to drill down to that level, and work properly. You might need to weaken the security to do this. If this computer is on the open internet, stop and think what you are doing.

* Check the NTFS permissions to ensure that the user you logged in as has NTFS permissions to that particular folder. This will involve some right-clicking and checking of some advanced features.

I would suggest that you right-click on the Program Folders, and make that folder it's own sharepoint. Then, make sure that the proper NTFS permissions are there.

I agree that installed programs might not work well over the network. I am guessing though that you are in school, and this is a proof-of-concept exercise that the prof just wants to make sure you know how to do it.

You might also want to create a separate folder outside of the Program Files tree (Something like C:\SHARE\PROGRAM) and share that folder out. Remember that each share has a unique sharepoint name, and that the othe computer has to use that name in it's quest to link up.

Good Luck,


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