I set up a wireless network using a D-Link DI-614+ access point, cable modem and cabled XP pro PC. Everything seems to work fine except web pages with drop down boxes or text boxes always time out. I first noticed when I tried to open a yahoo email account. Also times out on shopping pages, logging into on-line banking, etc. Most pages where you send information will time out. If I reconnect the PC direct to the cable modem all is fine again. I'm stumped. I've tried adjusting setup in the router with no luck. Help

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Maybe the secure pages, rather then the normal pages with drop down? Check the firewall log for dropped packets on those hosts. Maybe you block ssl / https connections.

If it's a problem with ssl you could try telnet <hostname> 443 from the command line, if that fails you have ssl (port 443) blocked on the router...seems unlikely. What provider you got that cable internet from? Also you might want to check on firmware from D-Link on that device as well. Do you have the Advanced Networking package for XP installed?

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