I have a desktop the connects to the internet via a dial up connection. I alsohave a laptop with a USB (airlink) 802.11g adaptor.

I want to share files/internet connection between the desktop and laptop wirelessly. I have a Belkin 802.11g router on the desktop.

Since I have no DSL router I have plugged the WAN connection on router into the NIC in desktop. I then set up a network on my desktop using the "wizzard". I set the TCPIP protocol to obtain IP automatically and obtain DNS automatically.

I then set up a network on the laptop with the wizzard. It was set to connect to internet from another computer and to share files. I also plugged in the USB adaptor for wireless g

I have shared folders on both systems, put stuff in my shared folder, and tried to connect to internet from laptop WITH NO LUCK. Shared files do not appear, I can not see the other computer in "my network" and no internet connection sharing to the laptop.

Does anyone have advice on next steps? I am forced with the dialup connection and will try getting another USB adaptor and just use those w/o router. I wonder what will happen?


To get to the root of the problem most quickly, you should give us all of the IP configuration settings for both computers and the router. If we can review those configurations we'll have something solid to go on.


Since I have no DSL router I have plugged the WAN connection on router into the NIC in desktop.


I think That´s the Fault.

A router works connecting networks, so if you connect your PC in the WAN connectión, it is in a different network than the one that the other computer is.

Routers use to have LAN connectións, usually four of them , you must conect yor Desktop to that connectións.

Then , If you´want to share the desktop Dial Up connectión, you have to disable DHCP on the router and Assign static Ip Adresses to computers, because the Desktop have to act as gateway to the laptop, by default, the router when assings by DHCP will reffer his own IP as the gateway for the computers.