I am a newby to the site and this is my first post,
I have a slight WiFi connect problem.
My daughters laptop has had a Linksys Wireless -G notebook adapter with rangebooster model WPC54GR, we fitted this back in May 08 and up until recently it has worked fine, she shares a friends BB connection and costs ect, It has suddenly stopped connecting and reporting that " cannot associate with access point" we have tested the link using another laptop and that works fine through this access.
I have tested out the adapter and it reports that all is working the monitor also reports that the adapter is active and tells us that the SSID is on channel 6 and the signal is 57% at the momement (this vary's) I have re-installed the drivers this makes no difference, advice please.

You may want to check a couple of things on the router itself -

MAC Address Filtering - Ensure this is not enabled. (Doubt it is if you can connect with another computer)

Remove the settings in WZC. It may be trying to associate with another AP that has the same name but different security creds. Also, is Windows managing your wireless connection or is a 3rd party software running it?

One last thing, have you attempted to connect this computer to another random AP to verify that your adapter isnt being funny?