Hello, Its been a long time since I was studying any of my network stuff, and am rather pressed for time at the moment... I was wondering if anyone might have any hints on how to get this cofig working?
My broadband comes into my router, works great for three comps attached, the problem lies with one of the cables going to an old hub, which connects to one comp. It seems as though the hub won't transfer any info... like a DHCP request :evil:
Think its router problem or hub? one of the two isn't working right to get a connection goin, all the cables work. Thanks for your input!


So . . .

ISP----> Modem-----> Router----->3pc's?

I hope this is what you mean.

If so check the cable first, from the router to the hub. Make sure it is good. You can swap cablet to ensure the problem is not there.

Then check to make sure you are using the correct cable (some hubs want a "crossover" cable other hubs use "patch cable" or "straight-through" cable. Some router use an auto-sensing feature, so you can use either type of cable.

Is the client (pc) set to obtain IP automatically?

Can you statically set the IP? example:
default gateway

you can use the default gateway address for DNS

Lets start with these.

Also . . . has it ever worked?


Thanks for the tips, this was one of my wierdest computing problems yet, because the hub was essentially cutting off the signal, i tried pinging from both ends, with my laptop trying from the hub connection. Then all of a sudden in the afternoon it connected. The only thing I can think is that the hub got bumped and knocked something into place, the computer was directly attached to the router before all this, and worked fine, the wires are all on the A config, and all ports on router and hub were tested for failure.
Thanks anyways again; just hope whatever happened stays in functioning mode :-|