Hello there.

I have a g4 PB a XP laptop, and linksys wireless router and the following problem.

just purchased an HP Laserjet 3015 all in one. thought it would be nice to use a wireless print server.

got the airport express.

both computers played music thru it with no set up.

finally got both computers to play music and run internet at the same time, so I assume the network extension is set up properly, and the green light is ON...

it took a while but I got the printer to work with the Mac. but for the life of me I cant get it in the PC. I cant get the drivers to even load.

the setup will look for it(printer) on the network with either

hardware address
ip address
IP hostname

but I dont know where i find any of these?

I can load the software and print wired but that doesnt help me...

any help would be great.


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