Hi everyone!
I have a little problem, I hope you can help me...

I wanted to setup my PC to have a wireless connection.
I follonw all these steps -> http://www.microsoft.com/athome/moredone/wirelesssetup.mspx
But it still doesn't work. (even if I reboot)..
It still says that my Wireless Network Connection is not connected.

I don't know anything about networks...

Thanks for your help!;)

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That's ok now, we run the ASUS WLAN controle center and it worked :)

But now, I don't know why but my principal web and and his host are unavailable... since last thursday, and it seems that it's just me (or my internet conenction) the probleme beause my friends have no probleme to visite my web site..

Did you ever see a probleme like that?

What can be done? Maybe the DNS are blocked? I don't know... that's wierd...


Sorry, I'M a french canadian, I may have some difficulties with my english.

Since I've configurated my wireless internet connection, I cannot access to my web site...
Any other web sites work fine, but mine (why mine?!?!?) stays unavailable, but only for MY connection... friends can visite my site without problem and for me, it's down.


hmm.. You can access the internet, but you cannot acces your website? Sounds like something is blocking you from viewing your website.. firewall, router, isp.. What kind of website do you have?

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