Actually I'm ttally unware of this concept.I've a LAN connection for the internet.Initially when I took it I've single PC but as need it grow to 3.Now I've had to make connection in all three.

How to begin with and wat all hardware required for it plz help me out.the possibility is that there is no increase in the number of PC's.

You need something called a router

you can connect all three to the net. it is easy.
(1st be sure you have a LAN connection to the internet. if not you will need a "modem router" compatible with your service provider)

before you rush out and do this (is is mostly an overview) get back to me with:
*service provider?
*type of modem you connect with?
*type of connection from your modem to your computer?
*types of PCs, operating systems, and whether you have or want wireless
*distances, walls, floors between pcs?

otherwise the setup is fairly straightforward.

grab a router and some ethernet (cat5, straight through type) cables, one for each PC

on the back there are 5 ports normally. 4 the same, one marked differently.

the internet goes into the different port.

connect the ethernet cables to the PCs, these go into the other ports, any order is fine.

run your network wizard (start-control panel-network setup wizard) on each computer. you want to select the "This computer connects through another computer or residential gateway" or something, then select computer name, select "turn file and printer sharing on" and that should set you right.

the computers might want to reboot.

that's the basic method. before you do though it would pay to get all your connection settings from your computer. and run system restore (create a restore point) before you start in case things don't work and yo need to reset everythig.

If your PC's are Laptops you might be able to get a wireless router (if they have wireless cards) so you can walk around your home without wires. you can also add wireless cards to desktops if you don't want to run cables. be aware that wireless signals fade very quickly through walls and over distance, so if that is the case then consider an wireless n router.

be ware that there is such a thing as too much information, so try not to go to too many people or too many websites or you will end up with your head in a mess.

this is a good place to start for a pretty quick quide:

if you want more, check this out:

get back to me.