Hardware: Netgear GRV614 v6; Windows XP SP2; HP Pavilion zv6000;

General info: Latest Netgear firmware upgrade; Reformatted computer 24 hours ago; Reset modem and Router; (manually removed cables, waited several minutes and rewired, etc.., I reset and (reset button) router and reconfigured). I separated my modem and router by several feet (to reduce possible noise), only have 2 computers connected, and have IP addresses limited to just these 2 computers.

Problem: My router speed used to be at 48Mbps now is down to 1Mbps and on several occassions, kicks me off because of slow connection speeds. I get a signal reading of "Excellent" but my speed is still slow. What gives?

This problem began on Tuesday and has not been resolved despite several "remedies". I have no viruses, as per Norton, AVG, Zero, Spy Catcher and One. Any ideas?

If possible, please let me know you have responded by emailing me at eg19689@gmail.com

"My router speed used to be 48Mbps"

You don't say, but presumably this ia a wireless connexion to the router and nothing to do with the modem speed. Yes?

Also, whilst we're trying to help you, I would remove all complications like IP address restrictions - unless you mean MAC address control.

In which case, the terminology problems may get in the way of diagnosis.

Ok, so what do you need to know to help me?

I don't regcognise this router model you gave:
Netgear GRV614 v6

Did you mean the WGR614v6? (label on bottom)

Are you 100% sure that you loaded firmware 2.0.19_1.0.19 onto your router? This is shown in Maintenance-->Router Status.

The idea here is to check the basics first. Remember please that we are thousands of miles from you (probably) and have the disadvantage of not seeing what you see and having to interpret what you say.

Yes- you are correct on the model and yes it is the correct firmware from Netgear.
do you have chat ware so that we could expedite this a little? Just asking.

I know you'd like to expedite stuff - but if you scale up the chatware idea to the hundreds of people who like to do the same for the same reason, it would take over the lives of those who help with solutions.

There would be general consensus, and you'd agree too, that if the router is in factory default mode, then wireless connect speed is down to the settings on your PC wireless network controller. The Advanced tab on Configure for the Wireless device in your PCs should show Transmit Power at the default (Highest) as should the Wireless Mode (although 802.11b and 80211.g setting should also be fine.

So please ensure that both the router and the PC are set to the default wireless condition. No security - the router should be in factory default. Then it'll work as it should. I don't know whether or not it'll revert to old firmware - worth noting the firmware version when you do the factory reset (recessed button on rear held for > 10 seconds).

By this means, we'll detect a number of things:

Whether in default conditions, at least one PC connects at nominal speed

Whether or not a factory reset reverts you to old firmware will be established

If firmware has reverted and you are connected at high speed, then we'll need to look at what's configured differently in the router when you re-install the "newer" firmware.

I'm thinking that Netgear may have changed some defaults between firmware changes.

Logically there can't be much else to the problem assuming you're in the same room as the router with your PC and that antennae are properly connected.

Thanks. Allow me to do this (defaults) then I will get back to you. [silly to think I could chat this out. You make sense, chap.]

Again, I will post my assessment and see where this leads me. Thank you.

I reset everything. My modem and my router. In fact, I found and old config backup I had and installed it. But the mysterious 48Mbps down to 1Mbps problem returns. So I reinstalled the newer firmware again and reset my router again. Also, the Broadcom Wireless Utility says I have 48Mbps then as soon as I power up either IE or Firefox, the signal drops. And it isn't until my Mbps is at 1Mbps that my connection works. At any other rate it stalls or disconnects!

When you are in your Broadcom Wireless Utility, I opresume your 1Mbps is the speed reported in the Link Status tab. Yes?

What are the Signal & Noise values? Your first post suggests you've sort of been down this route - but this is something that needs to be brought into light in order to eliminate causes.

When you connect wired, what is the internet speed (as distinct from the LAN speed)?

Let me check...

here it is in GIF format.

Funny but my wired speed does not register. It says excellent only but no values.