I need advice regarding the best strategy to set up my connections.

We have three locations. Two are separate organisations (=domains) connected by router to router VPN. The third is a classical SOHO location with a wireless LAN and a Cable connection (no domain).

The router to router connection is working fine.

Now I need to connect my home office (with 2 users) to both LANs simultaneously via VPN. (The 2nd user only needs to connect to one VPN, but will be online at the same time)

What I want to know is how it is done best, going from the SOHO directly to both VPNs or going to one and from there to the other someway?

Also I need advice what hardware (wireless router) would be optimal for this task at the SOHO.

All is XP, if that is relevant.

Thanks for your input.

If you connect the two remote users by VPN to one of the sites, it may be slow as the remote user traffic for the second site will come in and go out the same link (double bandwidth usage). There is a service www.accessmylan.com that is totally software based that would permit the remote users to connect directly to each site and not require any special hardware at the SOHO office and also provide access from any Internet location. There is a free trial available and you should drop an e-mail to their support asking them to enable the trial for multi-site support.