Help! ive set up a wireless ad-hoc network on 2 windows XP home computers, it's all conected and such but I am having problems seeing 1 of the computers on the network but the other works fine, I also can't ping from the machine thats having the prob's, This problems got me up against a wall and i'm getting sick of it. So if there is any one out there who has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. :!:

How are IP addresses assigned on these systems? What is the system in question's IP address set to?

I have found out what the problem was it was zone alarm I had to put the ip address of my lap top into the trusted zone and then it was fine.
thanks for the post.

Great-- it's always a good idea to mention in your posts what your network setup is, including what types of firewalls. Glad you're fixed up, though!