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I have an airport base station (snow) administered wirelessly by my Powerbook G3 (Firewire) running Panther. This basestation distributes ip addresses, and client computers share a single ip address using
DHCP and NAT. This allows 3 computers to share a single PPPoE phone line high speed internet connection. The other computers are
pc laptop, also connected wirelessly, and pc desktop, connected by ethernet cable. The desktop which I will be dealing with is running Windows 98 Second Edition. Hopefully, that's all the info you need on the network. Cause I just copied details from the preference panes and don't know what it means. I just count myself lucky that all computers can connect to the internet - Mac's make everything so easy (usually).

Now I am told because I want to get my Tivo to connect to the PC desktop via serial port and have it connect to a program running on that computer (real service not available in Canada) that I have to......(the next bit is a quote from someone else):

"What I did, was direct my router (similar to your
Airport) to re-direct all requests to the real TiVO
server on the net ( to my PC
( I don't have an Airport myself, but
I'm guessing it has some basic network routing
controls built in there somewhere. (or perhaps these
are on your Mac?)."

From what I can figure out this is creating a static route - can I do this? How do I do this? I need very simple instructions and know nothing of UNIX. But I can follow directions. Maybe it can be done just on the PC - I just don't understand this stuff enough.
Also how do I find out the private ip address of the PC desktop?

Do I need to change my setup configurations? Because when I change the airport preferences to share a range of ip addresses using DHCP only it tells me that it requires the base station to be configured using ethernet and static ip addresses. I don't know how to do that if it is necessary.

Please if anyone could advise me I would really appreciate it. Sorry this is so long. Sonja

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