Hello there,
I have a DSL line via wireless modem/router at my home.

What I would like to do is (if possible), connect a NAS disk to the ethernet port of a wireless AP, and have access to this disk via internet. (I'd like to leave it alone for torrent downloading)

The problem is, I can not get any internet through the lan port of the AP.

I think the AP and my modem/router are set correctly from what I read from manuals and forums about "bridging/meshing" because I have "wireless" access to the internet from the AP but not through Lan port!

I would also like to give some details about my current configurations because I believe the answer lies somewhere here:

My router and AP are using different IP pools (subnets).

DHCP: active ( - 254)

Motorola Access Point:
DHCP: disabled
IP pool: - 254

I need to say that I'm not an IT expert so any comment will be appreciated. Thanks.

I managed to have access from the lan port by changing the ip settings of the Access Point.

I assigned a static ip of to the AP and set the default gateway as (which is my modem/router's gateway).

Now with no problem the ethernet port of AP is running.