In my college, the internet is accessible after you connect to the college's (open/public) wireless network and login using a web page that opens up when you try to open sites without logging in. I am trying to set that feature for my home network, but have not been able to find anything in forums or on Google (what i found was not helpful and some were paid answers.)

Can anyone point me in the right direction or at least tell me if this feature is feasible in an environment as small as a home network?


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Did you ever figure out this problem? I'm interested in this as well.

Not actually. The only logic that I could figure out was to set the router as an access point and setup a web server. then make the server serve a login page when someone connects to the internet through it. I still need to find a way to do this, practically.

Do a Google search for "nocat auth" - this is software that will do what you want. It runs on Linux, but several versions have been adapted to run on linux-based routers such as the Linksys WRT54G.

I use eWRT in my Linksys router to provide a WiFi hotspot - I uploaded a complete web page that matches the corporate interface into the router. "eWRT" is no longer developed, so Google for "ddWRT" instead. I haven't bothered upgrading to ddWRT as eWRT works fine for our needs.


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