I have firwire version 1.007 which is what it shipped with when i bought my router last year. My new internet connection is playing up a bit so i was looking to try and see if there was a new firwire version.

The linksys website doesn't have any downloads for it and i have tried searching for a download but it is not happening.

Is there a newer version and where can i get it from?



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If the manufacturer's site doesn't list any new firmware, which it doesn't, then there isn't a new firmware version yet.

and if i can find reference to a better firwire but can't find it on the linksys site?

i have found the ftp bit on the linksys site

ftp://ftp.linksys.com/international/firmware/ which is here but there doesn't seem to be any annex b uk stuff. Is this somewhere else or is there simply no uk update(or can i use a different update) there seems to be loads of upgrades for other countires.

tis strange


kained... There aren't any firmware updates for that router yet. There aren't any available. This means that there aren't any to find.

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