My problem is i have 2 usb ports, my ethernet is connected to 1 port in the back.
It use to be connected to one at the side., but i change it because it was secrewd - Connecting nad disconneting, until i could no longer use that usb port.

after that problem, i plugged it into the one in the back.
Was fine for a few months, now it is doing the same thing the other did.
Only not so often, however, when it does do it, it does it alot so much so it shuts my computer down, and when it reboots says "windows has recovered from a serious error".
So, i would like to fix it if there is a way before i lose all, use of my laptop.
Any advice would help me so much. Ethernet works fine, it just seems to disconnect from the usb, then i will wiggle it around a bit and it will reconnect, same problem as before.

Most people connect to ehternet with an ethernet port (RJ45) not USB. So what is your exact setup?

this laptop has just the tu2-et100 connected to the computer via a usb port, the tu2-et100 connects me to my dsl modem.
That is my basic set up.
Also when it reconnects me i get a pop up saying there are no Hi Speed usb host controllers or something. And that it will function at reduced speed.
Not quite sure if it is a computer wiring problem or what.
I did update my pc to sp3 of xp.
I don't have any cd's or anything for this computer to update drivers for hardware.

So, your PC doesn't have an RJ45 port (nor an ethernet card with such a port).

OK - it is possible that your USB port isn't USB 2 compatible, although you said it was all fine until recently. That would be possible if your PC is older than 2004.

If your USB is USB 2 capable, then look into your BIOS settings at boot time and either enable USB 2 and/or disable Legacy USB.

Let us know.

Your old USB port - on the side - can you plug other devices in there and have them work? Or is that port unable to support even a mouse or keyboard?

USB ports do malfunction and USB network adapters are known to have issues. However, I have not heard of a USB adapter harming a USB port - the dead ports I know of were due to overclocking for gaming controllers.

I would do the following:
- Verify that the previous USB slot is in fact dead (no mouse or keyboard work)
- Find someone else having your issue via search engine of your choice (Google, Yahoo, etc)

Try rolling back USB device or port, if that doesn't help Uninstall and reinstall the USB Driver