I am thinking of buying a laptop, but I do not wish to have to connect to cable or telephone line for the internet. So, what are all the gizmos I will need in and as well as my laptop to go connecting anywhere, anytime?

All assistance with thanks,

If you want to look at cell technologies they have come a long way, a guy I work with says he keeps about 210k at 70mph anywhere there is digital cell signal, most of the state we live in. Otherwise I think broadcast wifi or satellite are your options.

Anyone think of anything I am missing?

While looking at job postings (and being willing to relocate) I am giving preference to cities with 'free' city wide WiFi. For both internet access and Skype WiFi phone calling.

(I want to reduce my 'monthly overhead' costs - especially do NOT want monthly cell phone charges - thus WiFi requiring a monthly fee is not preferred.)

Cities high on my list at this time are San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver.

Hint: Spain based FON is planning 30,000 or more 'hotspots' and has received financial backing by both Skype and Google.

So anywhere FON is having success (not being blocked by Telcos, Cable Cos or Cell Phone providers) would be a potential good place to live / work!

In such a city, a Skype WiFi enabled handset becomes as good (if not better) then a cell phone, without costing $700.00 - $1000.00 per year, Yea! I currently have spent approx $60 in 6 months, bet your cell plan costs more then $10.00 per month!

A WiFi NIC card in a laptop will let you sit anywhere in the city and surf the internet for free! Anf usually at speeds exceeding DSL and CableModem in most non WiFi cities. As it is we get 3MB - 5MB here in the states, over in Europe they get allot more bandwidth then that! Seems like a good use of tax dollars to me!