OS: WinXP (Home or Pro Unsure)
Location: Home

I set up this network about a year ago. I had some problems with the connections going down constantly. This is a wired network. I have 2 Linksys routers, one which is the internet router so that my network can have a constant I-net connection. The other is connected to the computer in question because he uses XBOX live.
I have a total of 4 computers on this network.
What is happening is that the computer in question is hooked to the network, but for some reason will not aquire an IP address. I have it set on DHCP, but it will not get one. I try to set the IP address manually, but that didn't work either. When you look at the router to see if it is connected, I see all the connected lights are on.
This also happens when he tries to get onto xbox live.

Any ideas?

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click start - run, type in 'cmd' (without quotes), click ok
type in 'ipconfig', press enter

Paste the output here.

I know that it is disconnected (it has that IP that starts with 169.#.#.#), but it shows that it is connected to the network. It has working before too. I mean it has been on this network since the beginning.

That means it is not getting a DHCP address, have you rebooted the router serving DHCP?

Um.. no. I haven't thought about that. I will do that and get back to you about it.


Talk about nature!

The other night I was sitting there watching a movie with my bro when the power went out in the back part of the house. This powered down and then turned on the routers. AND IT WORKED! My brother now has power to everything and he can play Xbox live.

And who says that nature is out to get us?

Problem solved
Thanx for all the help and suggestions

Did you reboot the router before you lost power?

No. The power outage turned off the router and all my computers at the same time. None of them were harmed. When the power came back, the router powered on and then one by one, we turned on the computers.

In any case, the computer that was not working, is.

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