Why would my 56k modem be connecting at 12k and 18k? It has been doing this for about 2-3 weeks. Any ideas?

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Have you checked your modem settings? The other possibility is a problem with your phone line.

I'd agree with the above; the condition of the phone line is most important factor in getting (or not) a good connection speed. A degradation in line quality anywhere between you and your telco's CO will result in a poorer connection speed.

Also, where are you getting the 12-18k figures? Those aren't normal modem connections speeds; are you refering to download speeds? If so, how are you measuring them?

That is what I am connecting to the internet at...
NOT my download speed. just what I am connecting at.

As I said/asked earlier:

Those aren't normal modem connections speeds...how are you measuring them?

How am i measuring them?
Whenever I sign on to the internet it pops up a little bubble icon thing and tells me what speed i am connecting to the internet.
Also I can right click on the connection and go to status and it will tell me what speed its connecting at...


If you've changed nothing in your configuration which might have caused the speed drop, I'd run a line test to verify the integrity of the physical connection to your phone company. I know that US Robotics has such a test, but unfortunately it's currently offline; a Google search should turn up some other sites which offer the test. You could also try calling your phone company and asking them if they know of anything which occured to the wiring in your area that might account for the change in your connection speed.

It's most probably a problem with your phone line. Try and contact your telephone operator and ask them about modem connection speeds, but try and ask your Internet provider first if it's a problem on their side.

has there been any storm damage in your area lately.. if so get bt to check the lines

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