Ok, so my friend's wireless internet connecion was working, been working for ever. All of a sudden is goes out. The wired internet through the house works fine, they have the only wireless and it doesn't work. They have windows xp sp1 (the computer has like a VHC key or something like that, and cannot pass windows genuine without paying 150 dollars for some pack)

The network card in device manager says its working correctly.

In view all wireless connections, the connection, lets calls its "home" has been moved from Available Networks to Prefered Networks, when you click it the "connect" button becomes greyed out.

When you click refresh network list, it stays in the prefered network area, where you can't connect from.

When you disable and enable the connection it says "cannont establish a connection" or something along those lines.

When you plug it in directly to the router via ethernet it doesn't work either. When you try to repair local area connection it says something about TCP/IP not being turned on, but in properties it is.

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, but i don't think we can help you, because your friend has an illegal windows XP.

But, the only thing i can suggest is to get Windows XP SP3, and then try...

Otherwise, i wouldn't help you due Windows being illegal.

Good Luck,