thank you for allowing me to join , i have a serious issue with my internet
security , any sugggestion is greatly appreciated ..
... my internet connection is dial up for some reason now it has changed to
Virtual Private Network , internet 2, wan mini port L2TP and in properties the host name or IP adress of destination is , also many times when i sign on it will say i am signed on in 2 places ...
is there another computer hooked up to me ? if so how may i find out "who" is
hooked to my computer ? when i tried a restore it wanted to restore to a
daniel706 administrator and suki and eva were users - these are not mine
is there a way to find information on this VPN or these names ??
"anyyy" help i thank you for .... ty

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thank you very much for replying , unfortunately i have reinstalled OS 4 times and
each time it reappears . This first started on another computer which i ended up shutting
down . Thinking a new computer would solve the problem only to find the same " sighhh "
In user profiles i had 'account unknown' 585 kb,ip host name < >
which i deleted ..

when i sign on i receive this :
AOL System Msg [2:01 AM]:  You are currently signed-on from 2 location(s).
(Note: AIM and AOL sessions on the same computer count as 2 separate locations.)
when i turn aim on it then changes to 3
AOL System Msg [2:01 AM]:  Your AOL screen name (******) has signed in from another location.
This screen name is currently signed in at 3 locations.

i have blocked names and then somehow they become unblocked to allow all
as i have had this person iming me , changing names and cannot seem to get rid of them.
is there anyway for me to find out who daniel706 - eva - suki are ??
is there a way for me to open this VPN to access what is attached to it ?
do they have total access into my computer ?
anyyy help i thank you for ....ty


i was able to get a better scan of my ports and this was found in the report :AAtools
host name : AC87FFFF
6838 UDP MStream
9325 UDP MStream
10067 UDP Portal of Doom
10167 UDP Portal of Doom
10666 UDP Ambush
12623 UDP DUN Control
18753 UDP Shaft
20433 UDP Shaft
26274 UDP Della Source
27444 UDP Trinoo
31789 UDP HackaTack
34555 UDP Trinoo (for windows)
35555 UDP Trinoo (for windows)
47262 UDP Delta Source

is this a hack ? am i able to open these ?
is there anyway i can find out who the screen names Daniel706-eva-suki belong too ?
anyy help thank you so very much ... ty
i have no clue what to do with this .. : ((


thank you very much for your help ......
i cross checked with the list and quite a few that were found in the
AATools , are also on this list ....

port 10666 (UDP) - Ambush
port 12623 (UDP) - DUN Control
port 31789 (UDP) - Hack´a´Tack
port 34555 (UDP) - Trinoo
port 35555 (UDP) - Trinoo
port 47262 (UDP) - Delta Source

is there a way to close these ports ?
is there a way to remove this VPN or access who is attached to it ?
today i now have abcdefg drives - 8, when is should have abcdef - 7 , i have no clue
where this drive came from as well as the VPN ....
when trying system restore the only names which show are daniel706 - eva - suki
is there a way to find out who or where these are coming from ?
again , anyy help i thank you for ... ty


thank you ... yes i have reinstalled 4 times , and purchased another computer
my concern is that if i do not remove this it will follow to new computer as it
did from the previous computer ... maybe i need to change internet providers ,
thank you for your help ....


thank you very much for replying , unfortunately i have reinstalled OS 4 times and
each time it reappears

IS your copy of xp legal?

pirate versions may contain such spywares


Did you go to www.radmin.com and download those free port / ipscan programs if memory serves me right I think you can close ports with one of them just be careful there are ports you need opened
Docktor D


hi ..
i am sorry for taking so long to answer but i had to put back up the other
computer as this VPN kept starting ... But when i rehooked up other computer
i was in document & setting to a folder with my name for user , when i was in this folder
i noticed one named recent ... when i looked in this folder i am seeing things i have
saved or downloaded in the other computer this past month ?? they appear to be
shortcuts but when i click says it is not found in this computer ???? but is definetly things
i saved last month in the "other" computer ... this computer was not together as this is
where i started having trouble only to find it followed to next computer ..
does this make any sense to anyone ?? how can this happen .. : ((
yes i am running the windows xp that came on the computer from my restore disks ...
yes i went to that site and downloaded a few things but did not see anything to close
ports ...
i have purchased a new computer but am afraid to hook to internet , i do not want this
mess in 3 computers .. sigh
any help is greatly appreciated
thank you very much - jbennet and DocktorD

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