can anyone help me identify a few of the usual culprits worth removing from my task manager list because i think they're really slowing my computer down.

I'm running windows XP

thanks in advance


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I built a program that goes through and stops EVERYTHING that's running in the process list EXCEPT what's required by XP to run. Let me know if you'd like a copy of it.

would love a copy - does it not interfere with the applications you're running?

It's a 1 time thing.... like, you run it, and closes everything..... everything. Your apps, other people's apps, windows apps.... everything. The only thing it leaves running is the required windows processes, such as explorer.exe, svchost.exe, etc, etc. So you run it, it closes everything (and then itself) and you are left with the bare essentials.... it doesn't keep running, so you can at that point load whatever you want, and it won't interfer with it (unless you choose to run it again).

This is it. The program I'm actually building has a lot more functionality than this little guy. I actually took the code from the project to make this one. The bigger project, I'll post when it's done, it's purpose is because I go to a lot of homes where people want me to work on their systems, and the program helps me to operate on the very most basic level, and helps me to automate the things I do the most (stopping all non-relevant apps, and processes, cleaning out the start up, etc, etc). This program may come up with a popup box that tells you that windows wouldn't let it stop X number of processes.... this is no big deal, those are most likely services or anti-virus programs, which in all truth should only be closed by the user anyway, if at all, so that's nothing to be worried about. Let me know what you think of it.

Here is the link to the download:

thanks very much

i may use this instead of The Ultimate Troubleshooter which i've just started using and doesn't seem to have made much difference

oops, i think i may have got to this a bit late as the link isn't working - sorry!

sorry about that, server upgrade, it's back.

I downloaded this thing and unzipped it, and clicked Setup, but it keeps saying "Insert Disk" ... does that mean I just have to insert any old 3 1/2 or do I need a special disk which I in all likelihood don't have?

What version of windows are you using?

Hmn, I don't get that problem, and neither do any of the people I've refered to the link. if you are certain you have the vb runtimes installed, I can send you the EXE standalone.

I'm not sure what vb runtimes are, so I don't know if I have them installed or not.

It didn't work. I double-clicked it and it restarted the computer, but nothing else. I checked the Task Manager and everything that was running before is still running.

That's weird. I'm sorry I can't help you.... everyone else who runs it has no problem, so I'm not sure if there is something specific with your PC or what.... if you want the source code, or if you want a list of the programs that it does NOT remove, I can do that for ya...

There was a program called End it all 2 that killed all processes exept the one needed for your computer to run. I think it was repaced and develpment was discontinued, but you can read about it here:,4149,1935,00.asp

I am sure if you searched enough you could find it.

This is a list of the processes that my app does not stop from the process list. These are pretty much the bare essentials of windows:

system idle process

I built a program that goes through and stops EVERYTHING that's running in the process list EXCEPT what's required by XP to run. Let me know if you'd like a copy of it.

I think I would like to try your program

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