Clicking on the former loads a webpage - clicking on the latter does not. My question is... why?

Per this tool, they both have the same A records -

Also, both are valid Virtual Hosts as the following demonstrates:

$fsock = fsockopen('', 80);

fputs($fsock, "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n");
fputs($fsock, "Host:\r\n\r\n");

while (!feof($fsock))
	echo fgets($fsock, 1024);

So my question is... why isn't showing me the same thing as

virtual hosts are in httpd.conf, do you have that properly set up?

Yes - that was the reason I included the PHP code - to demonstrate that the virtual hosts are correctly setup. If you change the .com domain in the script to, it won't work as no virtual hosts have been setup for

well, there are two ways to do that - either place the site in the default root virtual host (bad idea) or set up two different v-hosts for the two domains, pointing to the same place in the filesystem

oh, another way is to use mod_rewrite to redirect one of the domains to the other

mod_rewrite would require I have two accounts (one for each website) instead of just one.

Regardless, the issue has been resolved.