Since last few days, I've been noticing that my bandwidth is being used somewhat more than usual for the same sort of browsing habits. Thus, I installed a program called 'ShowTraffic' and found a some entries similar to:
Src IP....................Src Port....Dest IP..................Dest Port

None of these 2 IPs are mine. However the Src IP here, is very similar to mine (only the last number 95 differs from mine). This could mean another user nearby.
I don't use wireless. And I've to login with user/pswd every-time to connect (so its not really a 24x7 on connection).

Does the above info point to some sort of hack attempt by some neighbor of mine?

Could be from MSN Messenger, uPnP, try to close all programs and watch if the traffic changes. Hack attempts in proximity with neighbors happens usually with wireless communications. Also, try to scan your computer for spyware/malware (Spybot or Anti-Malware does).