I added a new user at XP professional, I am able to see the internet, the mail, but unable to see the novel network or server, please help, thanks.


The answer here is dependant on your novell network setup.

If your server is only protocol bound to IPX (meaning speaks/understands) then you will need to add the Microsoft IPX protocol to your network stack, or you will need to install the Novell client.

If your Novell server has CIFS (I think it is the name), and it is configured to be in the same workgroup as your XP box, then the XP box should see it. Older Novell servers do not have this installed.... it is not a default option.

If your Novell server is strictly IP, you might be able to ping it. But then, you should also see it inside My Network Places as a Netware device. Then again, if you are on a different IP subnet, and the router doesn't pass Multicast packets (netware 6 default) then you won't see it.

In order to help you further, you need to tell us a lot more about your network setup.


Thanks Christian,

It is probably an older version of Novell; the copy is read 1996. They use DHCP to generate IP. Once again thank you!