I have just set up a server in a lab. It is running WinServer 2003 and the lab network is wireless. I would like to know if there are any compatible wireless card (pci or usb) that would be compatible as have tried Belkin wireless card and was unreliable? Otherwise i will have to pay a bit more money for a wireless bridge for the ethernet.

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

Thanks in advance...


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nearly all ones that will work with xp will work with 03- just make sure you have the newest patches and service packs as wireless has been overhauled since it was released

belkins are crap
linksys is the best


Ta very much, had wondered why the belkin adapter I am currently using is not very reliable. I thought I was the only one who thought they were rubbish. Can defo recommend the ABIT AirPace Wireless PCI-E card. Was only one that would run properly on Vista Business 64bit.

Will try Linksys, as they are very good in the wireless department. A Division of Cisco I think?

Regards Matt


yeah linksys were baught by cisco. cisco make all the big h/w like corporate routers, whereas linksys make all the home stuff

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