Someone gained access to two of my clients computers systems this week. On both systems some shady ebay and paypal transactions took place.

the computers have PC Anywhere installed and vnc and I changed the authentication for both programs on both systems today.

Is there a chance they used something besides these two programs to get into the system?
Any suggestion on how to prevent this?


If your computer has been compromised, you should do a complete reformat and reinstallation of the operating system, the only thing that you should backup is data. The reason for this is that hackers may have installed root kits, trojans, and other programs that pretend to be your normal applications but are in fact acting as back doors for the hacker to get back in your computer. For this reason you cannot trust any application on your workstation until you've rebuilt your entire system.

Thanks for the advice. I reformatted the drives last week and haven't had any complaints.